As many of you already know that MailBuds.ca has been Canada’s longest running online dispensary. We were the first ones to acknowledge the problem with marijuana distribution, it was the people who sold it. Taking most of the power away from the average pot dealer, consumers have taken over the power threw legit and non-regulated comments and reviews. If we provide a bad experience for a customer they have every right and ability to tell all the other customers making the distributor require to prove accountability, honesty, and the overall culture of the company. We have stumbled many times and were the first ones to tell you there was an issue rather than you needing to communicate that “to” us. We have been through robberies, theft, police taking our product, fraudulent orders, floods, fires, and everything else any jealous group would want to throw at a grey market company. And now MailBuds.ca 3.0 is here. Canada’s fastest online marijuana dealer with a new site, new technology, new server, new internet, new providers. Watch out new competition, we have been doing this a long time and have the chinks worked out!

Can i buy my weed online? Yes, in Mailbuds.ca

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